Twitter Likes your chance to spread love more often

News 06:07 July 2020:

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There are many reasons why Twitter still remains one of the best social media platforms in the current generation.   The first and most important one is the fact that it is where news is shared.  Any current or breaking news is normally broken up in Twitter.    This gives its users the chance to share the same with others all across the platform.  When users like something users can use the Twitter likes feature to show appreciation.    Because of immediacy found in the platform, people of all ages find it an easier platform to interact and share not only information but jokes alike.

Tweets are people’s way of sharing information and jokes.  But each time one share’s a post, they in their own way desire to receive a like.  On many occasions, this does not seem to come and can be quite discouraging.  It is not that people does not like your article, it is just that sometime people get so busy and forget.  But in the real sense the social media is about sharing and when people share, it is not a bad idea to show appreciation.  When that does not come never think all is lost there are other ways to build your profile effortlessly.

How then does one increase their Twitter Likes?

The most and easiest way to get attention from your followers and users is to link your account to other social medial platforms.  When you have important information and want your followers to read and like the article, there is absolutely no harm in directing them to a different link.  This works and before you know it you will have built an incredible following among your followers and followers to be alike.  And just to mention, Twitter is more about following, follow more and reply to other tweets too.

The Twitter platform is about three things mainly sharing content with others on the platform; building connections and helping.  The latter to many people might sound a little odd but in the real sense its not.  When a group people come together on a social media platform, there are people who need advice regarding a particular question and there is no other best place to seek the same than in a social media platform.  But as things change, people have become so insensitive which is not what the platform was really made for.  People should reconsider the comments they make.

Finally, when people comment or give advice on a social medial platform, they should remember that the net does not forget.  Such information might come back later to haunt you when you least expect.  As a Twitter user, be sensitive regarding comments you make and what you say.  It is better to use the Twitter likes button more, than say hurting things that might come to haunt you later in life.  Love costs nothing and is absolutely free.  Why not love more and criticize less.  Love as we are told make the world turns round.  Use the platform to spread more love.